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How much did Usher get paid for the superbowl halftime show? 🏈

By Stephen Blackburn & Stevie Johnson

Think the Super Bowl halftime show is just a flashy performance? Think again! While artists don't see a dime, it's a strategic move worth millions. Dive into the 4 hidden gems that turn this "free gig" into a marketing masterpiece. Ready to unlock the secrets of the Super Bowl and level up your business? This blog is your roadmap to success!

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Are Super Bowl Commercials a SCAM For Business Owners?

February 08, 20245 min read

Think of that Super Bowl ad as a powerful catapult, launching your brand awareness into the stratosphere. - Stephen & Stevie


The iconic spectacle of the Super Bowl isn't just about touchdowns and interceptions; it's a multi-billion dollar battleground for marketing supremacy. With millions glued to the screen, companies shell out eye-watering sums for a 30-second ad. But is it a guaranteed touchdown, or are businesses fumbling the ball with this extravagant play?

While a $5-$7 million price tag might send shivers down any CFO's spine, let's dive deeper and see if that hefty investment can score big for your business. Remember, focusing solely on the initial cost is like looking at the price tag of a winning lottery ticket without factoring in the life-changing jackpot. The potential return on investment (ROI) can be massive, but only if you have a strategic plan to capitalize on the fleeting moment of national attention.

Game Plan: Beyond the Glamorous Glimmer

Think of that Super Bowl ad as a powerful catapult, launching your brand awareness into the stratosphere. Sure, millions see it, but what matters is converting fleeting viewership into loyal customers, not just passive observers. Here's where strategic planning enters the huddle, transforming that expensive ad into a targeted marketing blitz:

  • QR Code Blitz: Ditch the Dated, Embrace the Digital:

Forget the "aha!" moments of yesteryear's commercials where viewers had to scramble to remember a website address. Today's viewers are impatient. A strategically placed QR code, like a flashy touchdown dance, grabs attention instantly. Instead of hoping they'll remember your brand later, transport viewers directly to your landing page with a lead magnet, a free offer in exchange for their contact information. This is your golden opportunity to capture their interest and build an email list that's more valuable than any interception returned for a touchdown. Think exclusive discounts, early access to new products, or valuable industry reports – anything that entices them to join your team. Remember, data is the new gold, and this is your chance to mine it effectively..

  • Retargeting: Second Down and Goal to Go:

They scanned the code, but did they convert? Don't let them slip through your fingers like a missed tackle! Retargeting, the digital equivalent of a relentless defender, follows those interested viewers with laser-focused email blasts and text messages promoting your product. But remember, segmentation is key. Don't blast generic messages; divide your audience based on their interests and tailor your messages accordingly. Offer the football fan exclusive jerseys, entice the health-conscious viewer with your new fitness tracker, and target the techie with upcoming product releases. And don't forget lookalike audiences, reaching people with similar profiles to those who already showed interest, maximizing your conversion potential. Imagine reaching people who are practically pre-qualified – that's the power of retargeting done right.

  • Building a Dynasty, Not a One-Night Stand:

The Super Bowl might be the grand finale, but your marketing game shouldn't end there. Think of it as the opening kickoff to a long-term relationship with your newly acquired audience. Use the attention to fuel long-term brand loyalty. Engage them with consistent, valuable content that speaks to their interests, not just generic sales pitches. Offer special discounts, host interactive social media contests, and build a community around your brand. Remember, a single touchdown won't win you the championship; it's the sustained offensive drive that secures victory. Keep them engaged, informed, and entertained, and they'll be cheering for your brand long after the confetti settles.

The Bottom Line: It's All About the ROI, Not the Hype

The Super Bowl ad, like any marketing investment, needs careful consideration. But by focusing on the potential return, not just the initial cost, and executing a strategic plan that leverages QR codes, retargeting, and long-term engagement, you can turn that multi-million dollar investment into a touchdown that keeps your business scoring for years to come. So, the question isn't whether the Super Bowl is a scam, but whether you have the game plan to turn it into a winning play for your business.

Remember, attention is the ultimate currency in today's digital landscape. The Super Bowl might just be the platform to mint yours. So, what are you waiting for? Huddle up your team, devise your marketing playbook, and take the field! After all, even the greatest quarterbacks fumble sometimes, but a well-executed play can lead to an unforgettable victory.

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Stephen Blackburn & Stevie Johnson

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