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Why EVERY Business Owner Should Learn Facebook Ads With Ryan Pineada

By Stephen Blackburn & Stevie Johnson

If you’re not harnessing the power of Facebook Ads yet, you might be leaving substantial money on the table. I’ve learned a lot from Ryan Pineda, a seasoned entrepreneur, and I’m here to share why I believe every business owner should learn Facebook Ads. Let's dive into these key insights and understand how you can transform your business through this essential skill.

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Why Your Emails Don't Work: Hard Truths & 42X ROI Solutions!

August 28, 20233 min read

Before launching your next campaign, type in your industry keywords and check out the top-performing emails. - Stevie Johnson


Hey RFA Squad! 🌟 If your brand's email campaigns aren't giving you that fire you crave, hold onto your seats. Today, we're diving into Milled.com—a goldmine for anyone looking to make their emails not just good, but exceptional! You know we're all about that excellence! 🚀 So let's get into it, with four dynamite points that will turn your email game from "meh" to "WOW!"

With that said, here are 4 Ways you can use Milled.com to take your marketing game to the next-level today! 👊

1. Research & Inspiration 🕵️‍♀️🌈

First off, you can't light a fire without a spark! Milled.com is where you can dip into a massive reservoir of emails from brands in almost every industry. Think of it like walking into a virtual showroom of the latest fashion trends, but for emails. You'll get fresh ideas for layouts, color palettes, CTAs, and even fonts. 

🎯 Practical Application: Before launching your next campaign, type in your industry keywords and check out the top-performing emails. Make notes and sketch a draft layout inspired by these high-flyers. They're leading the pack for a reason!

2. Consumer Insights 🧠🎯

Milled isn’t just a design paradise; it’s a psychologist's dream come true. You’ll see real-time consumer preferences. What kinds of subject lines are getting clicked? What's the common thread among emails with high open rates?

🎯 Practical Application: Focus on the categories and tags related to your target audience's interests. See what they're clicking and tailor your emails to hit those sweet spots. Trust us, it’s like finding the cheat codes to the gaming universe!

3. The Art of the Subject Line 🎨💌

Ah, the subject line, our first impression, our hello to the world! One line can make or break an email's fate. What better way to learn than from those who’ve already nailed it? Milled shows you the best-in-game subject lines that you can’t ignore.

🎯 Practical Application: Create a list of the top 10 subject lines in your industry. Dissect them. Is it humor, urgency, or curiosity that’s winning? Now, do a little A/B testing with your own subject lines based on these insights.

4. Timing & Testing ⏰🧪

Notice when top brands are hitting SEND? Yeah, that's not random. Milled can give you an insight into the best days and times to engage your audience. 

🎯 Practical Application: Keep a log for a week, noting the times when your industry leaders are sending emails. Conduct a few test runs at these times and compare open rates. Optimize, rinse, repeat!


We just served you a buffet of actionable tips on leveraging Milled.com for your brand's email campaigns. Time to seize the day, apply this wisdom, and let's go break the internet (in a good way)!

Okay, okay, pause the scroll! Before you jet off, let me hit you with a challenge that’ll ignite your growth game. It’s time to step up with our "Grow Your List Challenge"! 🌟 Are you in? Yeah, you are. Your brand deserves it.

Let's CRUSH this week! 🚀🔥

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